Participants in the 2024 Faith and Charity Catholic Appeal can expect to receive their first payment reminder on or about May 31. Additional reminders will continue through December. Please mail all payments in the self-addressed, return envelope provided with your mailing. Do not submit payments to the parish office or through the Offertory collection.

We are making good progress toward our goal; however, to achieve complete success, we need everyone to participate. Therefore, I ask anyone who has not yet made a pledge to consider prayerfully how they may support the ministries of our diocese, in addition to our parish. The Faith and Charity Catholic Appeal is all about people helping people. It helps more than 100,000 individuals and families throughout our diocese in need of life’s material essentials, spiritual assistance, religious instruction, and guidance so crucial to overcoming life’s greatest struggles.

Whether or not you wish to contribute, it is important you complete a pledge form. If you do not wish to contribute, simply indicate the words "No Gift" on the card. This will save the diocese the time and expense of follow-up mailings, etc. For your convenience, pledge forms are available [insert the location]. Please fill them out immediately after Mass. Thank you.

 The 2024 Faith and Charity Catholic Appeal will be conducted in parishes throughout the diocese next weekend. Once a year, our Bishop asks each of us to make a commitment to
support the work of diocesan programs and ministries that provide services that no one parish can offer on its own. Your gift helps our Church to serve the poor, the sick, the distressed, our children and our elderly. As parishioners of St. Dennis Church, we are being asked to serve others by sharing our resources. Your generosity enables us to accompany our brothers and sisters in need. Our parish target is $29,180.00 .

Your financial support of the Appeal also provides funding for our parish since once achieving the goal assigned to our parish, once we are over goal, we receive (100% or 50% where applicable) of monies collected for our own parish and ministry needs. Please prayerfully consider your generous gift to this Faith and Charity Catholic Appeal. Kindly decide ahead of time the contribution you wish to make this year and come to Church next week prepared to complete your pledge and offer your support to our parish, and the Diocese of Wilmington.

To learn more about the Faith and Charity Catholic Appeal, visit; click “Giving” then “Faith and Charity Catholic Appeal,” or simply scan this QR code with your cellphone.