The members of St. Dennis' Parish today live within an area that extends from the Bohemia River on the north to Route 300 intersecting Sudlersville, Maryland , on the south; from the Delaware state line on the east and as far west as the Chesapeake Bay. Parts of three Maryland counties are within the parish boundaries--Cecil, Kent, and Queen Anne's.

The area is still mostly rural in nature, even after all these years of intense development in our nation. Towns have remained rather stable in population, such as Warwick, Cecilton, Earleville. Galena, Massey, Millington, Kennedyville, Crumpton, and Sudlersville as most of the new residential growth has occurred near the beach resorts and along the major traffic arteries. St. Dennis is still regarded as a rural parish.

St. Dennis Parish is a vibrant faith-community consisting today of members from parts of three counties in Maryland. It is also a favorite summertime parish for hundreds who enjoy the resort areas of the Eastern Shore. It is the faith-center for a great number of Hispanics who are employed on local farms and nurseries. It is a growing congregation with a strong influx of persons of all ages moving into the area.

ALL ARE WELCOME to attend Mass at St. Dennis.


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