Please be reminded as you prepare to attend Mass at St. Dennis:WASH YOUR HANDS. WATCH YOUR DISTANCE. WEAR A MASK/FACIAL COVERING.

We continue to use a phone reservation system for planned seating in our church for your safety. Phone the Office at (410) 648-5291 on Wednesdays 11am-1pm to reserve your Mass seat. Please arrive for Mass at least 10-15 minutes before the Mass time to allow the ushers to easily seat you without impacting the start of the Mass. Your seat may be given to another after the 5
minute mark before the Mass.

The church windows will continue to be opened to in- crease ventilation and decrease the possibility of viral spread. Please dress warmly as the weather is turning chilly. Our church's capacity of 50-60 people remains in spite of Gov Hogan's statement that churches could have 75% of fire code capacity. This is due to the mandated physical distancing of 6 ft that, in St Dennis Church, is difficult to provide with more persons.

When receiving Holy Communion, please come forward as the usher directs. Reception of Communion on your tongue is permitted but you must present yourself to the priest's line if you wish to do this. All communicants must remain masked up in coming to the priest or the Eucharistic minister. After
responding "Amen" to the minister's presentation of the consecrated host and while firmly holding the host, please step aside 6 ft, raise or lower your mask and place the Body of Christ into your mouth. Then re-apply your facial covering and return to your pew.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in observing these guidelines. May God bless you.