Just as Jesus is risen from the dead this Easter season, so is our natural world rising from the dormancy of winter. Take some time this week to explore God's creation with your family.  Go for a hike, and see what signs of animal life you see, or see how many different types of flowers you can find.  Let your kids take pictures of their discoveries and share them together after the hike.  God's earth is so beautiful this time of year - help your family to appreciate the goodness and beauty of nature and to thank God for his loving creation.

Here are some area parks that have trails (just be sure to practice social distancing with others that may be out exploring too!):

Toal Park

Turner's Creek Park

C&D Canal Trail

Church Hill Park 

You might want to double check that the park and facilities are open before you go, as things are always changing right now.  Not a fan of hiking?  Try a walk around your neighborhood instead.  Either way, you will be out in the sunshine enjoying the gift of this beautiful spring.  Thanks be to God!